Porcelain Artistry

Biscuit or Bisque

In the world of porcelain artistry, envision the emergence of a ceramic masterpiece from the kiln – a form both solidified and devoid of its final luster. This unglazed stage, referred to as the biscuit or bisque, marks a pivotal juncture where the piece, still in its raw essence, anticipates the transformative embrace of the glazing process. It's a moment suspended in artistic anticipation, where potential meets craftsmanship, paving the way for the forthcoming metamorphosis into a captivating work of art.

Biscuit or bisque refers to the unglazed, fired ceramic item before it undergoes the final glazing process.


In the intricate realm of porcelain craftsmanship, the term "biscuit" assumes a role of mystique and raw potential.

Picture, if you will, a ceramic creation emerging from the kiln's fiery embrace, its form solidified yet devoid of the glossy sheen that will later define its allure

Lusitano Horse

This unglazed, stoic embodiment, known as the biscuit or bisque, stands at the precipice of transformation.


It carries the echoes of the artist's intent, awaiting the forthcoming baptism in glaze that will bestow upon it the captivating finish, bringing forth a masterpiece from the crucible of creation.

Female Lusitano Horse - Biscuit

Head Lusitano Horse F - Biscuit

Bull - Biscuit

Bull Head - Biscuit

Braz Gil Shop

Bull Head - Biscuit