The Qing Dynasty, 1644 - 1912

Our Premium and Exclusive Collections Rose Family & Orient Garden are inspired by the Chinese Dynasty. The peak of Chinese porcelain production was seen in the reigns of Kangxi (1661-1722), Yongzheng (1722-1735), and Qianlong (1735-1796), during which improvements were seen in almost all types of porcelain, including blue and white ware or polychrome ware.

Eternal Celadon

Goryeo Dynasty, 918 – 1932

Celadons are ceramics with a distinctive green-blue glaze. The color, coupled with intricate inlaid ornamentation, are part of what has made Goryeo celadons desirable and recognizable objects for centuries.

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Blue Peony

The Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368

Porcelain painted with bold designs in cobalt blue are undoubtedly the Yuan dynasty’s greatest contribution to Chinese porcelain tradition. One of the most used symbols was the peony - symbol of love, honor, happiness wealth, romance and beauty.

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Fauna Ibérica

Inspired by the Iberian fauna, this tableware set, designed by BrazGil Studio, is a pure biscuit creation adorned with exquisite details of nature and wild life, complemented by exclusive accessories.

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BrazGil Studio tableware collection is only tailored to each client and made by order. When you order a dinnerware collection you can customize each piece.

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