A Tribute to Mother Nature

Nature often plays muse to artists. And we can see why. 

Inspired by the flora, fauna, jungle and aquatic life of our Planet, Ipomoea is one of the new collections launched by BrazGil Studio in 2023. The main message of these new creations is “let its beauty be, in its purest form”.


(ˌɪpəˈmiə ; ˌ aɪpoʊˈmiə ) noun. any of a genus (Ipomoea) of twining or creeping plants of the morning-glory family, with funnel-shaped flowers and heart-shaped or lobed leaves, including the morning glory and the sweet potato.

The process behind

From the moment you order a piece from this collection until the moment you receive it, it has been through several steps such as: construction of the model, production of the original mold, preparation of the mother of each part of the mold, preparation in pottery, finishing and various firings, retouching and final selection, hand painting with 24k gold, and finally, the last firing of the piece.

Handcrafted Candles with 24k Gold

Merging nature and identity, the Ipomoea candle has a fresh floral fragrance.

The embossed pattern on the translucent porcelain produces a unique and amazing effect - as the candle burns, the light radiates and shapes the elements present. A true enchanted garden in your home.

Handcrafted Trays with 24k Gold

Looking for the perfect gift? You've just found it.

A decorative tray can become an essential element to decorate the space where you use it. What makes it authentic is its versatility, as you can use it in whatever way is most useful to you, like for your table or just to hold jewelries or keys.

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