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The Pure Blood Lusitano

The Pure blood Lusitano is one of the most ancient horse breeds in the world and one of the purest. The conception, by the best ceramists, of an exceptional porcelain object was the way of paying homage to the Lusitano Horse. It owes its perfect representation to the opinion and criticism given by the great breeders of the Lusitano Horse, that know it better than anybody. Without their help, the Braz Gil Lusitano Horse would not have reached the perfection and detail that so well honor the original model.

Lusitano Horse

Lusitano’s Horse homage


Portrayal of animal grandeur

Giant Black Palanca

An imposing representation of Angola´s Giant Black Palanca

Fauna Ibérica

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Oriental Inspiration

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Angels & Saints

A winsome representation of Angles and Saints


A time to make memorable momentous. We have the most extraordinary pieces to make this a magical one!