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Our Story

The BrazGil Studio is a family manufacturing enterprise, which bet upon throughout since its foundation the development of an own identity in the artistic approach of Portuguese historical and cultural themes.

From concept to product

The passion for finesse and the love for the detail are carried out through the conception of each piece until the final stage of the production. Nature is the key theme in the great majority of lines launched by the BrazGil Studio , portrayed mostly through Portuguese fauna and flora.

The Braz Gil family has been in porcelain manufacturing for two generations, bet upon the development of a family enterprise with a manufactured status, having been Joaquim Braz Gil the creator. The cradle of this family tradition is the magnificent house designed by the architect Raul Lino, located in Caldas da Rainha, which has already witnessed the birth of the third generation of future ceramists who will ensure the project’s continuation.

Our Founders

Joaquim Braz Gil

Founder of BrazGil Studio, porcelain has been a part of his life for more than 30 years, he is the Professor and the leader of BrazGil Studio team.
His technical and artistic expertise in this area is a result of a life long involvement from the beginning in several projects and production units, from manufacture to high technology techniques applied to this area.
The BrazGil Studio project ows its authenticity and high quality to the principles that guide it, defending that «the path to be followed in porcelain production should be related with the thematic criterion and to the cultural bond behind each iniciative, approaching aspects of our history, culture and nature and therefore turning the porcelain art into an instrument of cultural promotion».

Pedro Braz Gil

Founder and Art Director of BrazGil Studio.
Modelling and ceramic Design in the Fachschule für Keramik HöhrGrenz-Hausen, Koblenz, Germany (1991-1994).
Apprentice at Massform Studio, Mogendorf, Alemanha (1991-1994).
Apprentice at Villeroy & Boch, Metlach, Germany (1995).
Supervisor at Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Gestão, Arte e Design (ESTGAD), Caldas da Rainha, Portugal ().

Jorge Braz Gil

Founder and Commercial Director of BrazGil Studio.
Course of Industrial Technic Ceramic at CENCAL (1994-1995).

Luís Braz Gil

Founder of BrazGil Studio.
Law Degree in the Faculty of Law of Catholic University of Portugal.
Post-Graduation in Corporate Law at the Institute of Corporate and Labour Law (IDET) – Faculty of Law of Coimbra University (2006).